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    1. Vizshura

      Mar 12,  · I don't see any other posts about this on the forum, so I'm assuming there really aren't any true keyboard shortcuts, which is a shame. That's something I'd really like to see in a future update. I'm on OSX as well. Is the reason we can't add shortcuts via the OS settings because there's no real menu (all commands placed on the toolbar instead)?
    2. Doukazahn

      Mar 15,  · On purpose, I even made cuts with thick cuts, to me, cutting 4 layers of fabric doubled over to get 8 squares is a heavy cut, and it did quite well. I don’t usually cut that way, but wanted to really test the mat out. Sew happy you stopped in today.
    3. Tojall

      Feb 13,  · If your R-Series cutter is is making random or incomplete cuts, it’s possible that it is receiving information too quickly to process. Make these changes for a more fluid transfer of information to the cutter. Disconnect cables (power and communication) Delete setup in software (Production Manager), and add the setup again. Reconnect cables and increase [ ].
    4. Faekora

      Subliminal Cuts 'Le Voie Le Soleil' (Way Out West Mix) by Bunud. Don't Hold Back - by VALENCIA'S SOUND. Sandman - Coimbra (Flex Version) Don't Take The Mick - .
    5. Migami

      Jun 07,  · Wicked list - nice one on the inclusion of audio clips, etc. I remember hearing/reading the story Fabio tells of visiting Calibre's studio way back in probably the early s, and heard a track ('Goliath') that Fabio, to this day, said was Calibre's finest work.
    6. Mataxe

      We always treat materials with high pressure to remove impurities prior to manufacturing. This is why our mats are odorless. We then send our mat sample to an internationally recognized testing lab and undergo stringent EN tests to prove its safety. The latest results (Mar ) are in: The lab scientists again certified our mat batch to be free of heavy metals and other health hazards.
    7. Munos

      Jun 11,  · Vinyl contains chlorine gas that could escape when it’s heated. Wear a facemask while cutting the vinyl with a hotknife. Don’t hold the knife in one spot for too long or else the vinyl will melt and bubble. Keep the knife stationary and move the record with your other hand if Views: 23K.
    8. Shaktinris

      Well here's another track cut from a similar sonic cloth; "Temple Step" is like "Steptoe's" meaner, moodier brother. More spacious than a Hummer glove box, darker than a Frankie Boyle joke, this is deep and deadly material. Meanwhile on the B "Simple Emotion" takes up back up the swift, lightfooted hats and fat kicks Calibre is best known for.

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