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    1. Mauzil

      Noro's mask. Noro's kagune. Noro's kagune, version 2. Noro uses his kagune to kill CCG personel. Eto, Tatara, Bin brothers, and Noro. Noro overlooking the 11th Ward Battle. Noro surrounded by Anteiku. Shuu Tsukiyama piercing Noro. Uta piercing Noro from behind. Renji Yomo splitting Noro with a kick. Noro healing himself. Noro about to consume Seidou Takizawa through his kagune. Noro turns his.
    2. Kagarn

      Kyousuke taking a punch from his father, Daisuke.(In a sudden accident, the Kousaka siblings' father Daisuke discovers Kirino's CD in the living room and Kirino almost became helpless against the wrath of her otaku-hating father. Kyousuke decides to stand up for Kirino's hobby and convinces his father that he owns the Sister Eroge CD he discovered.
    3. Vudot

      Kyousuke Hyoubu (兵部 京介, Hyoubu Kyousuke) is the leader of P.A.N.D.R.A.. He is the main antagonist of Zettai Karen Children, and the main protagonist of The Unlimited - Hyōbu Kyōsuke. Kyousuke is the most powerful high level multi-powered Esper, he desires a future in which espers will gain their rights under the leadership of Kaoru Akashi whom he calls his queen. Despite being over.
    4. Grorisar

      Inferno Neo Race Spec GHz: MP9 TKI 3: T1B MP9 ReadysetMissing: Noroi Kyosuke.
    5. Tejas

      Sep 08,  · (JRock) 氷室京介 Kyosuke Himuro - Discography / Дискография (), MP3, kbps» Восточноазиатский рок (lossy.
    6. Taulkis

      kyosuke himuro last gigs. 3/1/ blu-ray wpxl/6 dvd wpbl/8 blu-ray wpxl dvdwpbl/7. dreamin' runaway train blue vacation to the highway baby action rouge of gray welcome to the twilight miss mystery lady “16" if you want lover' s day cloudy heart love & game parachute
    7. Molkis

      Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.
    8. Dakus

      Nov 15,  · Another important character is Manami Tamura, a childhood friend and classmate of Kyosuke. She has short brown hair and glasses. Kirino often shows a great dislike of Manami and coldly refers to her as “plain girl”. The plot of Oreimo starts when during a normal day Kyosuke finds something in the house. It appears to be a DVD case for an anime.

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