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    1. Vutaxe

      OPUS 17 (Don't You Worry 'Bout Me:Four Seasons. #13 on BB Hot on PHILIPS Records in / INTRO: Gb Bbm B Db Gb / #1. Gb Bbm Oh, I can see there ain't no room for me. B Db Gb You're on.
    2. Shakatilar

      Don't Worry 'bout Me Chords by Carol Sloane. Learn to play guitar by chord / tabs using chord diagrams, transpose the key, watch video lessons and much more.
    3. Vular

      Don't Worry About Me written and recorded by Marty Robbins G G7 C Don't worry about me it's all over now G D7 Though I may be blue I'll manage some how G G7 C Love can't be explained can't be controlled G D7 G G7 One day it's warm next day it's cold.
    4. Shaktitilar

      Apr 15,  · VERSE: A D I'll feel the fear for you, G D I'll cry your tears for you G A I'll do anything I can to make you comfortable Em G Em Even if I fall down when you're not around G D Don't worry about me, G D Don't worry about me CHORUS: G A A Bm 'Cause if I fa-ll, you'll fall D A D And if I ri-se, we rise together G A F# Bm E When I smi-le, you'll.
    5. Taktilar

      I understand, don't worry 'bout me. Sweet, sweet, sweet love, I want you to be. As happy as I when you loved me. I'll never forget you, your sweet memory. It's all over now, don't worry 'bout me.
    6. Grogis

      Pat No, it's Don't Worry 'Bout Me with no "A" in "about." #JKJ4AFV That. Is awesome. Passion And you go there, and it's got like Caelan's sayings, and it's got the feed of our tweets. Maxipada It's like Caelan's actually plugging something every time he says it now. Caelan There you go. #JKJ4AFV That is so awesome! Porcelain Quick! Someone.
    7. Tygorg

      Don't worry 'bout me I'll get along Just you forget about me Be happy my love. Just say that our little show is over And so the story ends Why not call it a day, the sensible way And still be friends. Look out for yourself Should be the rule Just give your heart and your love, to whom ever you love Don't you be a .

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