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    1. Gardazuru

      Dec 24,  · Sure sure, he did his time for the crime. blah blah blah turning over a new leaf blah blah blah But he is still a piece of shit. And I don't have to care about him in the slightest. It's funny how people get all vocal about scumbag criminals, but not a kid or someone who a gang member shoots.
    2. Fenrishura

      Nov 25, - Explore Sheri's board "Blah Blah Blah" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Blah, Bones funny, Funny hamsters pins.
    3. Bramuro

      I stay on my blah blah, I stay on my blah blah [Verse 2: Big Murph] Don't come for that reachin' Yeah they'll pop you for no reason Throw them hands and now you leakin' Like the cracks up in my ceilin' This the land of dirty dealin's My kush is medically healin' Bitch boy stay up out your feelin's That sucker shit's unappealin' (Nah) I stay on.
    4. Voodooshakar

      Dogs have it figured out. They’re smart enough to know how to do all sorts of things, but have also achieved a level of wisdom that lets them understand that, really, they can get away with just lying around being lazy and adorable instead. As shown in a recently resurfaced video from a few years ago, the most enlightened of their species have even learned to respond to whatever dumb shit we.
    5. Tugrel

      From Seoul Auction, Mel Bochner, Blah Blah Blah (), Monoprint in Oil Paint with Collage, Engraving and Embossment on Hand-Dyed Twinrocker Handmade Pape.
    6. Tetilar

      Blah Blah Blah Engineer – Mike Rogers Engineer [Mix] – Joe Quinde, Kieran Walsh: A3: Medina's In Da House Engineer – Donovan McCoy: A4: Danger (Part 2) Engineer – Nolan 'Dr. No' Moffitte Engineer [Mix] – Kieran Walsh Featuring – Dark Man*, Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigger Tha Gambler: A5: Don't Let This Rap Shit Fool.
    7. Kagazshura

      All you do is nag (blah, blah), all you do is brag (blah, blah) All you do is come play, play that shit, so sad All that back and forth, being extra, cover scenes I won't marry you so you won't never get no ring All I hear is "blah, blah, blah, blah", give me my keys to my car, car, car, car And can go far, far, far, far, far.
    8. Gogore

      To diagnose, when I host, You get roast, toast Bet grip bra when I rumble, you crumble My stuff is good like mo jungle soup Rappers getting soup front and rugged But i don't plug it, when my sematic hits to your nugget And expose, you know how it goes when it be pretty When we roll is like we got the key to the sitty It won't be pretty, For you to challenge, knock you off balance Betta.

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