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    1. Mitilar

      The definition of accretion is the state of having gone through extension or addition of length or overall size. An example of accretion is a extra part of a fairy tale added over many years of re-telling. Accretion means an extension or addition of length or overall size. An .
    2. Mikajas

      accretions is one of the millions playing, creating and exploring the endless possibilities of Roblox. Join accretions on Roblox and explore together!dang what a situation O_OOO.
    3. Duramar

      1. Increase by addition to the periphery of material of the same nature as that already present; e.g., the manner of growth of crystals. 2. dentistry Foreign material (usually plaque or calculus) collecting on the surface of a tooth or in a cavity. 3.
    4. Yozshuktilar

      Accretions: "growth or increase by the gradual accumulation of additional layers or matter. A thing formed or added by gradual growth or increase." You think you’ve got it tough? Posted on June 26,
    5. Ker

      1. With growing ice accretion, the drag of the aerofoil increases due to the profile shape alteration, even if the profile shape tends to be replicated, and due to the attack angle variation, diminishing the power output of the turbine.. 2. At the iced cross-section of the blade, the augmented chord length at the LE can lead to: (a) an increase of the bending moment at the blade root;.
    6. Samutaxe

      accretions definition: Noun 1. plural form of accretion In spite of legendary accretions we can still discern the true outlines and significance of his life.; He will eliminate foreign accretions, that the gospel of Christ may stand forth in its native purity, and that Christ Himself may in all things have the pre-eminence.; The legend continued to gather accretions, and a miraculous.
    7. Moogumuro

      Something contributing to such growth or increase: "the accretions of paint that had buried the door's details like snow" (Christopher Andreae). 2. Biology The growing together or adherence of parts that are normally separate. 3.
    8. Fenos

      Accretion refers to the gradual and incremental growth of assets and earnings growth to business expansion, a company's internal growth, or mergers and acquisitions. In finance, accretion is also.

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