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    1. Fele

      Mass Flow Rate Range:: Mass flow range is the range of flow in mass/time. This specification applies to mass flow sensors and meters. Search Logic: User may specify either, both, or neither of the limits in a "From - To" range; when both are specified, matching products will cover entire range.
    2. Yogore

      This sound meter also has a Frequency weighted selection switch A/C to select the amount of noise detected. It has two settings for sound reading fast or slow and a range setting, the buttons are easy to use, it has a good robust finish. It can measures up to db db is dangerous for the human girichlaitastumatdetasushelppyse.xyzinfos:
    3. Arajinn

      Series / Multifunction Meter (U.S.) Our Series / Multifunction Meter combines a digital LCD Engine Hour Meter, Tachometer, Fuel Flowmeter, and Fuel Totalizer in a single /8" diameter instrument which fits the panel space of a standard tach.
    4. Shalkree

      Dangerous frequency range: Red box, Meter overload, Filter bank freaks / Vinyl Maxi Single: Marco Funari: girichlaitastumatdetasushelppyse.xyzinfo: Música.
    5. Nimuro

      5 Technical Data Sheet , Rev CB Magnetic Flowmeter April Flow Electrode compatibility (from table) SST — corrosion rate of less than in. per year, up to °F (80 °C) Ni-Alloy C — corrosion rate of less than in. per year, up to 68 °F (20 °C) Tantalum — corrosion rate of less than in. per year, up to °F ( °C).
    6. Zolor

      If the meter is being used to measure liquid volume in the range 0 – gpm but with a calibrated span of gpm and an upper range limit(URL) of gpm then we can determine the errors at %, 50%, 25% and 10% of the flow range as.
    7. Arara

      This indicates the lowest velocity at which the meter is able to maintain its accuracy statement. For example, if a meter has a maximum velocity of 20 ft./s and performs accurately over a turndown of to-1, then you can divide 20 by 10 to find that the minimum velocity at which the meter will uphold its accuracy statement is 2 ft./s.
    8. Mezilmaran

      The main detection frequency range is MHz to 6 GHz. This covers the bands where 5G frequencies will be initially. After about higher-frequencies (mm-waves) will start to be rolled-out for high-density city areas.

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