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    1. Febei

      Stab someone in the back definition: If you say that someone has stabbed you in the back, you mean that they have done | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
    2. Toll

      stab in the back in British English. a. (verb) to do damage to the reputation of (a person, esp a friend) in a surreptitious way. b. (noun) a treacherous action or remark that causes the downfall of or injury to a person. See full dictionary entry for stab. Collins English Dictionary.
    3. Mausar

      stab in the back, a A betrayal of trust, an act of treachery, as in Voting against our bill at the last minute was a real stab in the back. It is also put as stab someone in the back, meaning “betray someone.” For example, Don't trust George; he's been known to stab his friends in the back.
    4. Shak

      Synonyms for stab in the back. abandon. backstab. be disloyal. be unfaithful. betray. break promise. commit treason. cross.
    5. Moogucage

      Synonym of the Day. Word of the Year. stabbed in the back. verbattack unsuspecting person. Synonyms for stabbed in the back. abandon. backstab. be disloyal. be unfaithful.
    6. Tolrajas

      Stabbed In the Back: A Private Investigator goes uncovered and tells it all. A Private Investigator Reveals it All: Pulling back the covers and exposing it all, Duane reveals the intimate details of his life from childhood, and takes you through to adulthood. He reveals himself in an open and vulnerable way.
    7. Jugrel

      Stabbed In The Back Murder () Blood () Violence () Death () Stabbed To Death () Knife () Stabbed In The Chest () Shot In The Chest () Corpse () Shot To Death () Blood Splatter () Flashback () Pistol () Revenge () Bare Chested Male () Punched In The Face () Gore () Explosion () Shot In The /10(K).
    8. Nakazahn

      Stabbed in the back: to be unfaithful or disloyal to. Synonyms: backstabbed, betrayed, crossed Antonyms: stood by Find the right word.

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