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    1. Mazucage

      We believe that Yeshua Natseret (Jesus of Nazareth) is indeed the promised and only legitimate Jewish Mashiach - revealed both as Yeshua ben Yosef and Yeshua ben David. As Yeshua ben Yosef He perfectly fulfilled the role of the Suffering Servant and HaGo'el (Redeemer) of national Israel; as Yeshua ben David He will come again to set up the Davidic Kingdom and reign on earth from Jerusalem.
    2. Zurr

      JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli researchers have uncovered evidence that backs up the biblical account of the ancient kingdom of Edom. The kingdom of Edom existed during the 12thth centuries BC and.
    3. Mikagor

      The Lubavitcher Rebbe (in Igros Kodesh, Vol. I, p. ) explains why it was specifically R. Yochanan who prayed for Acher, though he had no family connection. The Sages teach (see Chagigah 15a, Tosafos s.v. Shuvu, citing the Yerushalmi, Rus Rabbah , Koheles Rabbah , and Yalkut Shimoni there) that the first of the many reasons for which Acher became a sinner was the fact that when his.
    4. Masar

      Jul 17,  · During his visit to France on Sunday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the expulsion of French Jews in Paris, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued his .
    5. Zulkijora

      PM met with Arab journalists in Jerusalem; Delegation to tour Israel, visit holy sites; Saudi attacked in Jerusalem, forced to leave Old City; Netanyahu: Israel is the irreplaceable power because there is no other power within the region without whose presence and activity here.
    6. Sajind

      Genesis Owen: [Genesis ] for Abraham gave only the tenth of the spoils, which were not tithe-able by girichlaitastumatdetasushelppyse.xyzinfo if the places taken or destroyed in war were anathematized, as Jericho was, and also Amalek, no portion was to be reserved, under a pretense of sacrifice or any other sacred use; as Saul found to his cost.
    7. Dicage

      Terrors, a warlike tribe of giants who were defeated by Chedorlaomer and his allies in the plain of Kiriathaim. In the time of Abraham they occupied the country east of Jordan, afterwards the land of the Moabites (Genesis ; Deuteronomy ).They were, like the Anakim, reckoned among the Rephaim, and were conquered by the Moabites, who gave them the name of Emims, i.e., "terrible men.
    8. Tozshura

      Jan 17,  · For centuries Jews, Christians and Muslims came to Al-Kifl, a small town south of Baghdad, to visit the tomb of the Prophet Ezekiel and pray.

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