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    1. Arazilkree

      Jun 25,  · The House sent its version of a policing overhaul bill to the Senate late Thursday, as Congress settled into a familiar partisan stalemate in which Democrats and .
    2. Nill

      Mar 06,  · The House Democratic Caucus is in a knot over Ilhan Omar and the possible resolution condemning anti-Semitism that she elicited. The original draft resolution was a joke to begin with; it is already ancient history. The vapid substitute resolution condemning hate in all the manifest forms recognized by identity politics is struggling to be born.
    3. Malasar

      To illustrate, we show just how easy-peasy it is to nail the chic, effortless top knot hair look in three ways: One featuring the classic, messy top knot and the other featuring a half-up top knot on curly hair, plus a bonus, runway-to-real way set of inspo looks!
    4. Kejinn

      This is a diss track aimed at Notorious B.I.G. and his crew. 2Pac and the Outlawz threaten to kill Biggie, Puff Daddy, Lil Cease, and Mobb Deep. 2Pac had the idea of this song when he was in prison. He wrote the song when he got out.
    5. Fauzahn

      Jun 27,  · Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden holds a roundtable meeting on reopening the economy with community leaders at the Enterprise .
    6. Kagabei

      Tie a slip knot somewhere between the two anchor points. Correct placement of the slip knot takes some experience to judge it correctly. Typically I place it too close to the 2nd anchor point and end up with not enough room to work with. If the knot ends up too far from 2nd anchor point, you can extend the knot by enlarging the loop.
    7. Gogrel

      Aug 15,  · Tighten the knot. Pull the ends downward, and give them a gently tug. This should tighten the knot. If you need to, give the other two ends (the shorter ones) a tug as well. This ends the semi-Turk's Head knot. The real Turk's Head knot is a bit more complex. This is a simplified girichlaitastumatdetasushelppyse.xyzinfo: K.
    8. Kagacage

      Oct 09,  · The smallest and strongest version of the FG Knot. I never liked using half hitches to secure the FG Knot so I came up with this alternative version using the same knot that is .

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